Colour mania - what is the truth behind the fabulous

On a daily basis, I am bombarded by girls that wants to have hair they see in the trend sites. And I must admit, browsing through the latest Winter 2019 trends in the Southern Hemisphere, that I am also very tempted to try a few things.

What those sites forget to mention is the warning labels.

Most of the fashion trends will require either pre-bleaching or some sort of lifting agent, and this is risky for your hair health when done by a professional colourist (I know they LOOK confident, but they get scared sometimes too!) and near FATAL for your hair if done at home!

returning to "ye roots"

Now this is a trend I am enjoying! Not only is it very very healthy to start bleaching far from your scalp to prevent scalp damage over time but it is overall a very flattering look on most girls.


Be sure to understand what the difference is between bayalage and ombre when you chat to your hair stylist. (Yes there is a difference!!)

Ask questions

Ask about the damaging effects of the procedure as well as what colour combination would be most flattering to your skin tone, while trying to stay as close to your natural colour as you can manage. This will make regrowth later much easier to handle.

smashing bright colours

This is one of my favorites, but mostly require a lot of pre-bleaching. So feel free to let your inner artist loose, but use a professional for your paintbrush.


The sky is literally the limit these days as to the colours you can ad and even the shading is flexible these days. Just be sure to check with your professional stylist if your hair was made to be lifted to the level you require to create Stormy Pink. Some funky shades can be achieved by only a slight lightening and some require an almost platinum base to work from.

Secondly, make sure that the tone will suite your skin tone, lifestyle and wont clash with your professional life or employer dress codes. It is a lot of trouble to go through to be told you need to make it all black again!

Ask questions

It won't take away from the excitement if you ask a couple professional which bright and bitchy tones they think is achievable and would suite you, BEFORE you make your decision, so ask away!

ash or mushroom browns

Ash tones and shades of dark blond and ashy caramel, combined with light blonds and dark brown. It's basically any colour completely devoid of any warmth or gold tones.


Ash is not for every skin tone! You might be able to pull it off if you really apply the make-up, but it is a lot less work if you pick a colour that compliments your skin tone. Girls with warmth in there skins compliments cooler coloured hair.

Ask Questions

To be able to achieve very ash tones is not easy on all hair types. Many of us has hair that do not leen towards bleaching well.

Don’t get stuck on only one look, have a consultation with a professional and make sure you understand exactly how much damage you will be looking at.

bayalage and ombrè - clever revival

Bayalage and ombre has giving us all a way to wear shades that DON’T suite us…let me explain.

Bayalage and Ombre type of looks were actually first invented in the 1970’s but has recently become quite mainstream.

They allow a darker or different shade (read: suitable to your skin tone) next to your face, giving you the leniency to colour the ends to your heart’s desire. Almost like a loophole!! Now there is NO excuse.

in conclusion

The only constant in life is change. You can either embrace it or fight it. That is your choice. So, whether you are the all-or-nothing-type or like to play your changes a bit more conservative, does not matter. Make your life interesting….start with a bit of colour!

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