Damage Control!!! The truth about damage from extensions.

There are thousands of companies doing a thousand and one different hair extension systems, and ALL of them are warning you about the damage to your hair that their market opposition's product will cause. But what is the truth?

The truth is that extension damage is very real!

No hiding it, lying about it or sugar coating it. It is a process that creates drastic effects, and if abused or neglected or not done with caution, it can cause lasting damage.

Technicians that deny the damage it can cause, is either lying or so inexperienced that she honestly just does not know....

BUT, it can also be safe if done right, So here is the truth:

Damage from extensions is caused by three reason (ONLY):

1. Poor quality

It is a given fact that poor quality products are bad news, and it is no different in the hair extension industry.

Every single system (the way it is attached to your hair) has both great and horrible quality versions!

To be specific....poor quality attachments can damage your hair shaft directly by burning into or slicing through the hair itself! (No its NOT just in one particular ring or bond or sticky system!)

Brushing poor hair quality is nearly impossible after 6 or 7 washes.

Poor quality hair (and please understand that this has nothing to do with synthetic versus human hair debate!!!) tend to be extremely knotty. Trying to brush and detangle this, can cause unnecessary strain and ultimately damage to the scalp!

2. The Hands That Put Them In

If the technician you are using has not been properly trained, you might be in for a painful and eventually tearful, experience!

Youtube are full of educational videos that can be used by technicians to develop and extend their knowledge. It is unbelievably useful to find new developments, techniques and the latest trends to keep our service to our clients fresh and current.

But too many wanna-be technicians do not bother to do their research properly. One DIY video and a heart full of good intentions in this industry is NOT training and is a recipe for disaster!

If you are planning to make this a business, please start by doing a reputable, thorough, in-the-flesh entry-level training course! Trust me... you and your clients will thank me later!

3. The Hands That Look After Them

Now this is the one that astounds me time after time! Every system has its own unique rules. If you do not follow them, you will get damage!!!

If you do not brush your hair FROM THE ROOTS (or even worst: if your technician told you not to for some mysterious reason!), I have no sympathy with you OR the astronomical knots we will be removing from your hair!!

Ask your technician and more to the point, do your own research before you install. Knowledge is power!

Not understanding your system's particular care instructions is a little like buying an extremely expensive car and not knowing what fuel it runs on!!

In Conclusion....

Extensions is a very rewarding, luxurious and addictive pleasure to ad to your personal care system! Damage is completely controllable and avoidable!

Contrary to what certain people would love you to believe, there is no such thing as a completely damaging (always) system. There are poor quality, idiot technicians and bad maintenance in every big and popular system on the market! So do your homework and use your instincts,common sense and professional resources when deciding what you want and whom you want to purchase from.

Have an awesome hair day!!!

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