Keratin Bonds

Very popular strong system where a small strand (bundle of hair) is attached by melting the gentle bonding around the hair.


Easily removed with proper removal fluid and a pair of "trained hands".

Relatively new system on the market! Hair blended into the client's hair with double-sided tape pieces (yes....literally! but made FOR HAIR, not the ones from Builders Warehouse)


Easily removed with proper removal fluid and a pair of "trained hands".

Amazing new system by PerfecTress™ that can create volume at the top of a client's head!


Meant for client's with bolding and serious hair thinning issues!

This is a life changer!!!!

High end COMPLETELY CUSTOMISED set of clip ins!


For the girl that likes change on a daily basis!


This is completely made to fit your colouring (shades, streaks, etc), your required layering and amount of pieces. This is not an e-bay product!!

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 ​"I'm not passionate about hair or beauty, I'm passionate about people! Seeing someone fall in love with themselves because of something I helped with, is the biggest honour imaginable.

Hard to imagine something so easy can make such a huge difference to someone..." 

Theresa Louw Luyt, CEO, Make Over Addiction

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